Amazing Dog Lifeguard Rescues Pup

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This video is too cute for words! Watch as a cute puppy has trouble getting out of the pool only to be saved by her mommy.

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17 Replies to “Amazing Dog Lifeguard Rescues Pup”

  1. Some people say someone threw it in, maybe another dog did or it jumped in off of something high… There just guessing!

  2. Rescues, then rescues some more, and then some more…still rescuing at 5 meters from the pool… XD

  3. É pena não se ver que atiraram o filhote à água precisamente para fazerem o video. Não está em causa a ação da mãe, que é extraordinária. Aliás, contrária à “super-inteligência” humana, que cada vez mais, em vez de ajudar, se diverte com um smartphone a filmar a desgraça alheia… Enfim!!!

  4. 1) Why is there a splash at the beginning? *Someone threw it in*
    2) Why is there a human filming it? *FOR PROFIT*
    Plus add dramatic music and a shitty logo to lure people to sub your damn channel. Shame on you!

  5. The original video someone through the puppy into the pool but it was removed from youtube and flagged for animal abuse

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