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  1. Haha not anymore πŸ˜› They are the same size now and love each other πŸ™‚

  2. that is what happend to my cat and kitten. The cat started to hiss every time it saw the kitten and sometimes the cat will swing at the kitten

  3. yeah they weren’t happy to meet each other but its been over a year and they love each other now πŸ˜›

  4. I’m going through the same right now. My current cat even started hissing at me because I smell like the kitten. She hisses and growls at the kitten and almost tried to take a swing at it till I grabbed her and put her in a separate room. Any chance there could still be a possibility for it to workout with them two?

  5. sorry for the late reply. Yes there definitely is. My two cats tried to attack each other for months. Separate them at night. and each day slowly introduce them. the best way is to feed each other at the same time on either side of a door so they can smell and not see.

  6. (Continued)
    Eventually they will get use to each other. supervise them at all times. sometimes it helps to put a blanket or a collar from the kitten near the older cat.
    Just keep at it and slowly you will see an improvement.
    Took me 3-4 months. took my friend 7 months and my brother 2 weeks. all cats are different. and it will require a hell of a lot of patience,

    1. SpiderVicious how are your Cats doing they’re beautiful what are their names

    2. Rosalee Zephier soxy is they very hissing one and autumn is the kitten. They love eachother.

  7. This reminds me of when I introduced a kitten to two senior cats. The kitten was female, and the female senior cat went nuts hissing. The male senior cat hissed a little bit but then adopted the new kitten as his mascot.

  8. My new kitten is getting hissed at and I’m getting hissed at by my older cats what do I do ?#HELP#?

    1. The hiss is a warning that says aggression will follow if you don’t back off. A cat who hisses is fearful but ready to engage in battle if necessary. Many behavior experts believe that the cat produces the hissing sound to mimic that of a hissing snake in order to deter opponents.

    1. It’s not trying to fight. Cats see the owner’s house as it’s territory, the reason it’s hissing and growling like that is because in it’s mind, the kitten is a trespasser and so it becomes defensive and upset.

    1. I’m glad to hear that. I hear all these people throwing new acquaintances together and it working out. My experience is way different but the new kitten has only been here for a couple days. My resident cat is my bestie and so is the new kitten but I really want them to be besties! The kitten wants to meet my older cat but he wants nothing to do with her (mostly if I’m in the room with the kitten, other than that he sits with his nose at the door not growling at all). I’m hoping they work it out soon, I don’t want eitherbto get hurt so I’ve been reserve about letting them meet

  9. My cat is actually scared of a 8 week old kitten i bought home yesterday, hes okay with her but the kitten just hisses at him everytime they see eachother. I hope they make friends soon. Adult cat is hardly inside cause hes so scared of her πŸ™

  10. I have 2 cat but one is a kitten
    My cat hisses at the kitten the
    face sometimes and I got the kitten today😁
    Is that cool or what is a boy

  11. i never getting a kitten cuz i saw a white kitten and my cat was hissing at it some it wanna make some friends that white kitten may be alone

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