Rainbow Loom Charm: DOG Puppy: How to make Loom Bands Tutorial

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Step by step tutorial "Rainbow Loom Charm" Puppy Dog Charm made with Loom Bands on the Rainbow Loom. One of my subscribers suggested I make this, and I LOVE the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy it!!

Thanks for watching!

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38 Replies to “Rainbow Loom Charm: DOG Puppy: How to make Loom Bands Tutorial”

  1. OMG Kayleigh Grian!  I love you!!!  Thank you soo much for your counts!  So once again for those who wants to know how many rubberbands you need to make this puppy:   Per Kayleigh, “you’ll need 71 white, 51 green, 1 pink, 2 blue, and 1 black (thought you can use a different color if you want since this is for the loop at the top)!! YAY!!! Go Kayleigh!!

  2. How many bands do we need?? Cause i scare that if I start without enough bands … So can you tell me total amount of bands??

    1. Kathy Kei 71 white 51 green/whatever colour you want 1 pink 2 blue and a black for the top to hold it in place
      Your welcome 😊

  3. Thanks for making this it was really cool and a love spaniels and I have some as pets. My parents were impressed!

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    2. gabija mitruleviciute I AM SO SORRY THAT YOUR DOG DIED
      I FEEL BAD!!!!😭😭😭😭

  4. hi love ya loom bands making could you do this on a fork or a hook really love your loom bands making ive done all your loom bands on hooks and ive got no moe to do so please xxxxxxx

  5. it was like the cat but mine did not turn much out like yours im ciera cleveland and im 10

  6. Everyone! If you don’t have a second hook, like me, you can use a pencil, thick piece of thread/yarn, ect.

  7. hi my is liv barrientos i love it i am giveing the dogs to my family for christmas i hope they like would they. bye.

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