Saving Speedo the Cat – An inspiring, cute and funny kitten who just wants a chance at life…

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We were entrusted with the difficulty of cultivating and restoring Speedo, a lovable and loving kitten who was diagnosed with Swimmer syndrome. This is an uncommon developmental deformity of newborn felines, where the hind limbs, and at times the front limbs too, are splayed laterally leading to a failure or problem to stand or stroll. However, after further examination, it was determined that Speedo had suffered extra nerve damage that would likely avoid him from ever having the ability to walk upright and rendering him incontinent. After practically 2 months of various veterinarian consultations and hours of physical treatment, the shelter decided to euthanize Speedo as he was deemed "un-adoptable" due to his incontinence and low expected adopter swimming pool … unless we might find him his permanently home.

Most importantly, Speedo is not in any discomfort, has no existing or expected suffering and might live a long and healthy life. Euthanasia was chosen simply because of an anticipated little adopter pool. He is mobile, and besides his incontinence, he is very healthy. In addition, Speedo is the most loving and sweetest kittycat in the entire widest world.

So we made this video and shared Speedo's story with everybody that we could in the hopes to find his brand-new permanently home and conserve him from euthanasia. Within the very first week we received so many messages from individuals all over the nation wanting to help in some method and specifically being interested in welcoming Speedo into their own house. It was such a blessing to witness all the love and support for this little person, and to see how many terrific people there truly are out there.

Luckily, we were exceptionally fortunate to get in contact with a definitely wonderful couple that actually lives in our area. They were able to see Speedo, and he apparently captured their hearts right away, just as he captured ours. They were so concerned and caring throughout this entire process, therefore happy to do whatever it took to make certain Speedo had his reasonable chance at life. And we now have the convenience of understanding that he will have that reasonable shot, and will certainly live a long, healthy life loaded with the care and love he should have, with 2 amazing parents and a new, older step-brother:-RRB-.

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24 Replies to “Saving Speedo the Cat – An inspiring, cute and funny kitten who just wants a chance at life…”

  1. I met this little guy today at Companion Animal Hospital where I work. He is such a little love bug! Couldn’t get enough snuggles with him. I am so glad he found his furrever home with such loving people!

  2. I don’t know if I could ever foster cats, and kittens. I would have such a hard time letting them go.

  3. just because some people and animals have disability it dose not mean u can’t care for them.They need more help than others do but that shouldn’t change how u care for them. Keep doing what u do 😀

  4. Thank you SO much for this video. I currently have a 3 week old kitten who was sitting “like a frog” as we were saying and waddling his back legs when he tried to walk. He mostly moves in reverse! Ha! Our vet checked him out and said the muscles that hold his legs together weren’t developing properly and simply said, “He’ll be a frog forever. He won’t get around as fast as his sister, but he’ll still get around.” My heart broke for him. This video has given me new hope with his disability. Thank you so, so much.

  5. Our Tripod was rescued by us on a cold day in our neighborhood and when nobody claimed him, we added him to our family. He had already had his leg amputated and he still ran around like he still had 4 legs! He’s now 9 and still runs like a little speed demon with his feline housemates!

  6. Y’all are awsome! We need more like you! Prayers for a great loving, nurturing n permanent home for the kitten 👍
    Winnie is soo cute!

  7. I currently have a two week old kitten with this and I am bottle feeding her. They simply just didn’t want her and didn’t have money for the vet they said so they put her on craigslist and I picked her up. I was worried that she wouldn’t get the proper care and attention and that’s why I decided to take her in. I love animals and I don’t know what would have happened with her if I didn’t pick her up. She’s a tortieshell kitten and I named her Stormy because it was a rainy day when she came into my life.

    1. Our kittens are rescues too and doing great. Mojo had a terrible cold, but now they’re amazing 🙂

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