Anti Bark Dog Training Collar 1Dog Training 

Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar


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When your dog needs a little extra help with bark training this collar is the ticket!

It’s gentle and effective.

The collar is made from comfortable, non-irritating material that won’t harm your dog’s fur or skin.

The electrical impulses are non-harmful to your dog.

This Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar is on SALE!


Battery-powered and rechargeable design
Made to preserve energy
automatic self-protective features
Not easily disturbed by other noises
The model PD-258L is suitable for most middle-large size dogs and the model PD-258S is for most middle-small size dogs
Sensitivity can be adjusted with five levels
Package Includes:

1 x Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar
1 x Nylon strap
1 x Test Light
4 x Contact Probes
2 x Anti-abrasion buckle
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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