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Clicker Training Basics | How to Teach Your Dog to Help with the Laundry


This video is just a brief overview of how to clicker train your dog and the kinds of things that can be achieved with clicker training dogs.

For more detailed information about clicker training, the linked blog post covers the following:
🔬 The science behind clicker training
❓ Why you should clicker train your dog
🤔What you need to start clicker training
🐶How to clicker train your dog
🐾A video to provide you a visual of how to clicker train, and show you how you can use clicker training to teach your dog handy tricks.


I truly believe clicker training dogs is a key component to successful dog training. There is nothing to lose in giving it a try, so I encourage everyone to give it a go and see if they can elevate the training of their pup to the next level!

If you have had success with clicker training share it by leaving a comment below! ⬇️

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