Often we get told that corrections are not needed in dog training, we often hear, they can ruin our relationship and dogs learn quicker through positive reinforcement.

Whilst I’ll never argue, positive reinforcement is needed for all animals, including dogs and people, punishment is still absolutely necessary.

This little clip is of a 13 week old Husky mix, learning to socialise. She ends up getting a physical correction from Roxy. It’s done quick and without emotion and the pup gets it. The pup is not afraid of Roxy after but is more respectful.

Roxy never got treats out, never told the dog it was ok and knew, ignoring this would not cut it.

Contrary to the belief, corrections have a longer lasting impact on a dog when it’s learning. Positive reinforcement alone means the dog will always be in a position to chose wether or not the reward is worth it vs the behaviour they’re doing or being asked, a little correction, the dog also has a choice but done correctly, the dog will often choose not to repeat that behaviour.

I use an example from my childhood. When I was younger, around toddler age, I had a thing about keys, I ended up sticking them into a plug socket. I got an electric shock and it sucked. Now i never developed a fear of keys, never developed a fear of plugs and never developed a fear of electrical appliances, but what I did learn is keys in a plug socket is a bad idea. It left a last imprint.

Wether it’s from a dog or a person, done correctly, without emotion, a correction to w dog can quickly stop a behaviour.