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Dog training – Whistle recall – Come when called, 2 weeks from zero recall under distraction.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video showing part of the initial conditioning process for a golden retriever and an electronic training collar …

Here’s why ….

Jamie penrith of take the lead dog training.
How do I train a dog? Through a healthy balance of motivation, based on reward training; consistent repetition of consequences; establishing boundaries and discipline early on; understanding what makes each dog tick and so developing a healthy relationship between my dogs and myself. The same consistent method – namely fair, situational training, with a committed undertone of enhancing welfare and establishing freedom through control. This might involve clicker; verbal marker training; whistle trained commands; slip lead or leash pressure; physical pressure; verbal and spatial pressure and e-collar pressure and a TON of admiration and respect for being the amazing animal that is the dog!
If you would like to build your relationship with your dog or young puppy; if you would like to learn more about how to train your dog to perform reliably and how to use a variety of different training tools to get the very best out of your relationship with your dogs; contact Jamie Penrith either through his website or email him directly at:
Jamie Penrith at Take the Lead Dog Training offers professional, private 1-2-1 dog training and behaviour modification services throughout the U.K. and beyond. Having worked with thousands of dogs and owners, Jamie Penrith is the national media lead representative on the humane, professional and proportionate use of electronic training aids ( electric collars / shock collars / e-collars) throughout England.
Jamie Penrith has been involved at English parliamentary level; advising members of parliament in London and throughout England on the professional use of electric training aids for dogs, in line with enhancing animal welfare, safety, control and responsible stewardship.
Jamie Penrith is incredibly passionate, dedicated and committed to educating dog owners and persons involved in the care, control and stewardship of dogs throughout the British Isles. Jamie is the founder member of The Association of Responsible Dog Owners (

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