Dog Training Workshop for Pet lovers in BangaloreDog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Training Workshop for Pet lovers in Bangalore


Learn. Love. Earn. Explore freelance opportunities in the Pet Industry.

The Pet Buddy Orientation course introduces you to the world of Pet Care services. It is aimed at helping discerning pet lovers like yourself understand the nuances involved in taking care of someone’s pet (both dogs and cats).

In the course, you are familiarized with everything that is required to be a Pet Care Professional. Right from Evolution to Behaviour to Body Language to Communication, every aspect is covered adequately. Importantly, since this is Pre Recorded Video + Interactive course, the Anvis team is available through the completion of your course to address any clarifications that you may have.

On completion of the online course, you will need to complete the hands-on training where you will learn and practice the different techniques of dog walking under the watchful eyes of one or more instructors.

Upon completion of the Pet Buddy Orientation course, you will able to start providing services like Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Home Boarding either through the Anvis platform / Anvis Affiliates or as a freelancer. On completion of 20 hours of Dog Walking/Pet Sitting or 10 days of Pet Boarding through the Anvis/Affiliate platform, you will be certified as an ‘Anvis Pet Buddy’. With this you have truly earned your stripes as a Pet Professional!

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