Episode 133 Veronica Sanchez Service dog training - [Episode 133] - Veronica Sanchez; Service dog trainingDog Training Pets & Animals 

[Episode 133] – Veronica Sanchez; Service dog training


4:30 – Veronica shares the experience of her first dog and the training journey through different dog schools until she was able to find one to help her with her reactive dog. 10:00 – Veronica explains how she became sick with the neurological condition Generalized Dystonia and her life came to a halt. 12:20 – Veronica explains how she became interested in the Service Dog industry which led to the decision to open her business Co-operative Paws 15:00 – Veronica realised the need to bridge the gap between the Service Industry and the pet dog owners that needed professional guidance to train their dogs appropriately. 16:40 – Ryan thanks Veronica for bravely sharing her experience with a life changing disease and Veronica shares how it has helped her understanding of the requirements with the human part of training service dogs. 25:20 – Ryan asks if Veronica’s early approach to seek out and try something different helped her with her illness. 28:00 – Veronica explains how she got the Service Dog Coach Certification program up and running and what was involved. 35:00 – Veronica explains how her work changes constantly, and incorporates the support she gives to students, the development of courses, the work involved in training of her dogs, and the marketing aspect required. 39:40 – Ryan asks Veronica why it is important that we have science based trainers in the service training industry. 43:30 – How a trainer might get started in offering service dog training and what is involved. 51:30 – Veronica discusses further about point 4, and in particular how she handles the intake and plans for addressing the initial cases. 55:50 – Ryan asks Veronica if there are any particular resources that she shares with people looking for information. 56:50 – What are the next steps and expectations if a trainer wants to get involved with the certification process. 59:00 – Ryan asks his final question and asks Veronica to take us into the future and what she would love to see happen in the next 5-10 years.

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