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Fred the Cockapoo Puppy – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training


Little Fred the Cockapoo puppy returns home today after completing a 2 week Intensive Board and Train course at Adolescent Dogs

When he arrived he was noticeably very unsure of the big wide world. He whined throughout his walks and would constantly scrabble at the back of his trainers legs for support and comfort. Life was very overwhelming for Fred and he wasn’t enjoying what should be something fun and positive for him.

Although Fred does still seek that reassurance he has most certainly gained huge amounts of confidence when out walking. This week he has even been on some group walks alongside other dogs and ventured a little way from his trainer to explore to discover his surroundings. Its been lovely to watch!

In the house Fred suffered with being seperated from humans, he wasnt at all comfortable with being left. He has come on leaps and bounds and will now happily spend a few hours resting in his crate throughout the day and feels far more relaxed if left for short periods.

Fred is a joyful little pup and knowing how far he has come in just 2 weeks, we look forward to hearing further news on his progress once home.

A residential stay is a fantastic way to give your new puppy a fresh boost of confidence, social skills and putting in place essential obedience cues

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