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Jet the 8 month old Labrador – 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training


Jet the 8 month old Labrador has returned home after completing 4 weeks residential training

He’s a young, lively boy who lacked any impulse control when he arrived. He would pull on the lead and become very stressed and over excited and he was very distracted by other dogs and people so could no longer be trusted off lead. Jet struggled to settle in the house so he could only be in his pen in the kitchen.

Jet loved the training and he is such a quick learner. He can now walk calmly on the lead and he can stay focused past distractions. His recall is more reliable and he will happily ignore other dogs or people. Jet’s impulse control has improved so he will calmly wait to go through doors, settle on his bed in the living room, and leave food when asked.

He is brilliant young dog who just enjoys working hard and listening to his owners

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