Join the Fight to Change Lives With Dogs Deserve Better

One small act of kindness toward a dog can inspire you to build an organization and grow in leaps and bounds, helping even more animals.

Have you ever seen a dog tied up on a chain or locked in a small pen, and felt a pang of sadness in your heart? It’s a heart-wrenching sight, and it’s something that happens all too often. 

Dogs Deserve Better are a group of dedicated individuals who are working hard to change that. They’re on a mission to improve the lives of dogs kept on chains or in small pens. 

But what exactly do they do? And how are they making a difference? Keep reading to find out how you can get involved in their important mission.

Dogs Deserve Better charityDogs Deserve Better charity
Join the Fight to Change Lives With Dogs Deserve Better

Who is Dogs Deserve Better?

Dogs Deserve Better is a non-profit organization that serves as a voice for chained, abused, penned, and neglected dogs worldwide. 

The charity is located in Smithfield, Virginia. They also have a branch in North Carolina to work in under-serviced communities and rural areas. 

But their volunteers are active across the country to rescue dogs on chains, abused pets, and animals living outside. 

Dogs Deserve Better works by advocating for human legislation, promoting spaying and neutering, educating communities on animal welfare, and rescuing and rehabilitating distressed canines. 

The organization also educates society to evolve to higher ethical and moral standards. They work with families to help them live better and become better dog owners.

Dogs Deserve Better also provides fencing grants to those willing to bring their pets inside but do not have the means to put up a fence.

How Did Dogs Deserve Better Start?

Dogs Deserve Better started in 2022 when they rescued their first dog, Tamira, from a chain. Since then, the non-profit charity has been inspired to save more dogs across the country.

The organization purchased their current headquarters in 2011, located in Smithfield, Virginia.

They became a rehabilitation center for abused and neglected canines, assisting even more dogs in need.

Dogs Deserve Better also has volunteers all across the country working to free dogs from life on a chain or living in harsh conditions. 

What Do Dogs Deserve Better Do?

Dogs Deserve Better’s initiatives are based on four guiding principles.

First, the organization aims to be a voice by advocating for dogs living chained or penned outside. They also fight for dogs who have suffered from neglect and abuse across the country.

Dogs Deserve Better also prioritizes education by teaching society to be more ethical and moral when treating their dogs. 

Grants are also essential for the organization. When available, the organization provides hero grants to help people and other rescue organizations with routine vet care, fencing, and spaying/neutering. 

Lastly, Dogs Deserve Better prioritizes working together with caretakers and families to help them provide a better life for their furry friends. 

Some dogs currently with Dogs Deserve Better that are up for adoption include Kingston, Moo, and Sadie. They also sponsor other pets like Ralph, Benny, and Cinnamon.

Learn more about the dogs Dogs Deserve Better is helping. 

How You Can Help Dogs Deserve Better

Hopefully, you now want to get more involved in this wonderful non-profit organization and their mission. Dogs Deserve Better offers foster, adoption, and sponsoring opportunities.


Their dogs need permanent, loving homes where they can feel the safest and most comfortable. Become a fur parent now by adopting.


Fostering is a volunteer opportunity that lets you rehome dogs temporarily. Open your home to a furry friend who needs to get accustomed to living inside and socializing before being up for adoption.


You can also donate to Dogs Deserve Better. This allows the organization to rescue and foster dogs and assist more pet owners. 

Find out how to donate here with one-off or regular support.

Dogs Deserve Better accepts three types of recurring donations: Monthly, Bring Dogs into the Family, and Hero fund Foundation, all with different levels to suit any budget.

Spread the Word

Check out Dogs Deserve Better’s Facebook and Twitter to follow and share their efforts with your friends and followers.

Dogs Deserve Better is a non-profit public charity that continues rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs in Virginia and the rest of the country. 

If you agree that dogs deserve better, then show your support in whatever way you can.

Support more organizations helping animals in need.

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