Maisey the Golden Retriever – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training


Maisey the 10 month old Golden Retriever has completed a 2 week Intensive Board and Train Course at Adolescent Dogs

Maisey had already completed puppy training classes and had some 121 instruction but her owner was struggling to progress her further particularly in lead walking and recall.

After her two week residential stay, she is now able to walk nicely on the lead and pay attention to the handler in various locations. Maiseys recall improved alot, and she will now recall when dogs are around instead of running off to play with them. She has also learnt some impulse control around food which will help her owner to stop her counter surfing.

At the end of her stay, her owners received hands on training to transfer the training to them and to ensure Maisey responded to all of the training. Theyll now receive up to 6 weeks of free lessons should they need any additional support. They also have access to our full library of video tutorials as a visual reminder of every training exercise