Moss the Deerhound Puppy – 6 Weeks Residential Dog Training


Moss the 8 month old Deerhound has completed a 6 week residential stay

When Moss arrived, she was very nervous of the world, her life experience was a back garden of her breeders home and therefore when her current owners took her on she was massively overwhelmed by the world.

Moss was terrified of a lead and collar, she couldn’t walk on slippery floors or stairs or any new surfaces.

She was very scared of traffic and terrified of the car.
Moss’ journey started with her being frozen still and needed to be carried in to her trainers home, she was terrified to move or do anything.

Six weeks later, Moss is a happy and outgoing dog who loves her walks. She is a big dog so her lead training was a really important part of her journey, she walks perfectly to heel and loves the guidance of staying by her owners side.

Moss is confident to walk in busy market places, train stations, busy roads and lots of new surfaces.

Her owners also wanted to work on her recall as well as her obsessive behaviours around other dogs. She has learnt to come back from all sorts of distractions as well as a down, settle around other dogs so she can watch them go by, but not feel the need to fixate and run over to every single dog on the walk.

She has learnt to love her crate and settle in there, being an easily worried dog means this is a crucial part of her training as having this safe space allows her to take her self there at any point she needs rest or is unsure by anything, along side this. Moss loves to settle on a comfy bed with a Kong and just relax for hours.

She is now also fully house trained and is happy to go outside to the toilet.
Moss has been such a lovely dog to have stay and seeing her grow in confidence has been such a pleasure. In her owners words “she’s going home a different dog”, good luck in your new life sweet girl ❤️