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Ollie 2 Year old Poodle | Best Arkansas Dog Training


Ollie, 2 year old Poodle recently graduated from our two week board and train program! When Ollie first came to us his mom joking said I’m not sure there’s much you can do! Within days with the correct communication, Ollie was showing off and his mom was impressed!

Ollie came to us because his owner is very busy, just like most of us and she needed a reliable dog. If she asked something of him, she needed him to understand and comply with the commands she gave him.

Now that Ollie has been home for a little bit these are some of the reports Ollie’s mom has updated us with!

“Ollie is rolling with the punches and acting like an old pro. Manners-100%”

“Just wanted to say thanks for giving us peace!”

If this sounds like you and you’re needing a reliable dog, give us a call or message us today! We want you to be able to enjoy your dog to the fullest!

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