Cats and Dogs – Soul Mates?

Cats and Dogs – Soul Mates?

Cats and DogsI had listened to more than when just how Chows are extremely cat-like in their behavior as well as mindsets and also considering that I have had 2 of them in my life I could verify this!

Offered this resemblance I was still not prepared for my present Chow’s love of cats. My last dog went after cats like every genetically proper dog needs to do, so I was impressed at my existing dog as well as her feline attraction.

My buddy Keisha was just 5 months worn out when she satisfied her very first cat. His name was Pongo as well and he was additionally 5 months worn out. We were going to with a household in Omaha Nebraska for Christmas and also Keisha was figuring out making close friends with Pongo.

Pongo would certainly have absolutely nothing to do with her!

Cats and DogsCats and Dogs

They tip-toed around each various other for 3 days also coming nose to nose at some point.

After that on Boxing Day, we had merely completed our lunch of leftovers … you recognize turkey sandwiches as well as such when we listened to a collision in the cooking area.

Presuming absolutely nothing significant we were sluggish to respond.

When we ultimately moseyed right into the kitchen area to obtain taking place the article lunch clean-up they were captured in the act! There they were … Pongo as well as Keisha’s nose to nose consuming the turkey that a person (?!?!?) had pressed off of the counter into the flooring.

They had a great banquet with each other as well and after their tag group mischievousness, Pongo was still unwilling to come to be rapid pals although I believe he was starting to heat up to the concept, Keisha had consumed the turkey as well and not him!

Sadly we needed to leave before the partnership was sealed. We have not seen Pongo given that yet Keisha reacts most readily to his name still, over 3 years later on.

Cats and Dogs

Keisha is practically 4 years of age currently and also because of conference Pongo she has attempted to make close friends with every cat she fulfills. They have all desired nothing to do with her. And after that came MOJO.

Mojo is possessed by a neighbor as well as an outside cat. He fits his name and also shows off with the “hood” as though he has it and also has full control over all that decreases in it. He most definitely has his MOJO going on!

Cats and Dogs

Initially, Keisha approached him very carefully, and he would certainly bat at her with his paws, yet never with claws out. Gradually yet undoubtedly they came closer and also closer to various others.

There was the dance around each other duration that looked truly amusing as each would certainly take their turn hopping onward after that backward like some habit. After that came the purring and after that the surrendering and also tummy smelling.

Afterward, Mojo started to walk as well as under Keisha tactically placing his tail in her face. She took care of keeping her self-respect when he did the tail-in-face food item. Every one of these has proceeded to Mojo coming for strolls with us, he is concerned about going to and also waits at the door for Keisha ahead bent on the play.

Keisha will certainly place her paw on his bottom to obtain the video game of chase going as well as if Mojo remains in the state of mind he will certainly begin the video game by running or he will certainly roll onto his back and also swat at Keisha with all 4 paws. Mojo is the alpha in the partnership despite his 10 pounds to Keisha’s 60!

It is one of the most remarkable foods to note and the community is enthralled by these 2 quick pals.

Cats and Dogs

To see them with each other one marvels why some cats and dogs manage as well as others wish to damage each other. Is it possibly a previous life invested with each other? Early effects like Pongo? Perhaps Keisha was a cat in her last life and also therefore fond of cats as well as cat-like practices?

Or are they simply all various hearts with various characters as well as points of view? That is recognized without a doubt. All I understand is that my heart consistently warms up when I see them with each other and also am blown away by this impressive relationship that resembles true love at work.

Cats and Dogs

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