Dog Care Tips And Tricks For New Dog Owners

dog care tips and tricks for new dog owners

Are you a dog owner or were you one before? Then you understand what great joys dogs are. A solid base of knowledge will prepare you to be an even better dog owner, just as is the case with so many other life skills. The following article breaks down the different techniques that you must learn.

Hugging is okay but kissing should be avoided. Kissing a dog might seem cute, but they have dirty mouths. They eat garbage or poop and even sniff other dog’s butts. It is not true that a dog has a cleaner mouth than a person. This is simply false.

Your home must be dog-proofed. It is important that you try to foresee any problems your dog might run into prior to bringing him home. Secure the trash can, stow way all medications and put away your regular cleaning supplies. Certain plants are toxic, and it’s best to move them, too.

Just like people need regular yearly physicals, dogs need the same thing. Your dog is not able to talk, so it is not easy to know when he’s got arthritis or an aching tooth. An annual checkup can help catch such issues before they become a major problem.

Store your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines in a safe place where your dog cannot get them. Many medicines that benefit you can be harmful or fatal to your dog. If your pet does manage to ingest some medicine, contact the vet right away.

If you have medications at home, ensure that it is safely hidden away and out of the reach of your dog. Just a few of your pills could literally kill your dog. You should contact your vet right away if your dog swallows some medication.

Ask your vet about which foods he can eat. Sometimes, your puppy may not be developed enough to consume certain brands, as this can lead to an upset stomach or sicknesses. Never give your dog any food you are not sure of.

Be wary about certain flea treatments to use for your dog. Many have ingredients that are dangerous to kids. Ask your vet for recommendations. Be sure to keep children away while you’re applying any flea treatment.

Buy or build a home for the dog if they need to stay outside when it’s cold. If his feet are wet during very cold weather, it will stress him and lead to health problems. Protect them from precipitation and wind by providing them a dry and spacious shelter.

In your backyard or in your house itself is the right place to start training your dog. This will give you security and an area that your dog is comfortable. They are going to become distracted, and the easiest commands can be tough.

Brushing your dog on a daily basis has other benefits aside from the fact that he will shed less fur on your furniture clothing. Your dog’s coat will be super shiny and beautiful if you brush them every day. The reason for this is that brushing distributes a dog’s oils from its skin so it looks soft and shiny.

If your dog does something the correct way, such as sitting before you put the leash on, make sure that you give it tons of affection and praise. It’s important that you pooch is aware that they did something good. Your dog is looking for ways to please you, and giving him your praise lets him know he has done just that.

Physical Activity

If your dog will be outside, he will need a dog house. If the dog gets wet feet that could make him stressed out and cause other health problems as well. Keep your dog safe from precipitation and winds by providing him with a place that is spacious, with a dry floor.

Plenty of physical activity is one of your dog’s necessities. Dogs need physical activity and play time; it’s good for their physical and mental health. From a simple walk to a vigorous game of fetch, both of you will find the time well spent. Not only does it give them the exercise they need, but it also improves your relationship with your dog.

Daily brushing your dog has more benefits that just reducing shedding. Brushing your dog every day helps its coat become beautiful and shiny. This is caused by the motions since brushing distributes oils that keep skin, soft, shiny and healthy.

When it is time to buy dog food, avoid buying the cheapest brand. Later on, it will help that you’ve fed your dog quality and nutritious food. Even though you are paying more, it will save on health bills down the road.

Trim hair around a dog’s paws so that hair mats don’t form. Clean and comb the hair before you trim it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, take your dog to a groomer.

Teach your dog the proper way to walk while on a leash. To properly walk your dog, he must remain directly at your side instead of behind or in front of you. Walking this way will help to keep your pet safe, and it will make it easier for you to enjoy walks too. Your dog needs to get used to this.

If your pup seems lonely by itself, consider getting another dog. Dogs are pack animals by their very nature and usually prefer the company of their own kind. Match them carefully based on energy levels and temperament.

Trim hair around a dog’s paws so that hair mats don’t form. Comb the tangles out before you start trimming. If you’re too scared, take him to the groomer instead.

If your dog has to listen to many people, he may end up confused. Everyone trains differently, and this can lead to confusion for your dog. Have one person train and make everyone else do exactly the same commands during the day.

Help your dog to stay active mentally and help him to exercise enough. Train him to do fun things like retrieve a ball. Many dogs were originally bred to work, and will get frustrated if you do not give them a job to do.

Dogs do not necessarily need vitamin supplements like humans. Don’t give a dog extra vitamins. Having excess vitamins can damage bones, blood vessels and joints. You should ask your veterinarian if you are not sure what to do.

Stay involved politically for your dog. Keep your eye on potentially-restrictive legislation regarding dogs. Sometimes people might misjudge a breed. Talk to your local officials on behalf of responsible pet owners worldwide.

Prior to getting a dog, take into consideration your lifestyle and the amount of time you are away from home. Wanting a dog is a piece of cake, but actually taking care of one is harder.

You need to think everything through before you bring a dog home. Do not adopt a puppy simply because it is cute. After you have thoroughly contemplated all of the pluses and minuses of having a new dog in your life, you can make an informed decision.

If your dog is kept outside, he still needs your attention as much as a dog that is kept inside. If you leave a dog alone too much, it will eventually develop bad habits, such as chewing, digging, and barking. There is also a chance me may become aggressive. Give him a lot of love and play with him often if you want him to stay happy.

Positive reinforcement is the best method of training a dog. Your dog will learn faster when you employ rewards and praise rather than negative reinforcement. This form of training will give you many benefits in the future for your dog. So, behave in a friendly manner when you train your dog for best results.

You must keep a close eye on what and how much your dog eats. You can give a puppy a high calorie diet because this will help him grow. When they become adults, if they eat too much, they can become obese which is not healthy.

When you first start training, experiment with several types of rewards. Do what you can to learn what motivates your dog. Use food as a positive reward when you start. If you have a dog that likes toys, let the dog play tug of war after doing what it was told. A lot of dogs love to be petted and loved on.

Always stay firm. Dog owners may feel that they can let their dog destroy toys or that it’s okay for them to eat table scraps. This is particularly the case when the dog is very cute! Be firm with your dog if you want to prevent behavior issues. For example, you might give your dog table scraps after you have eaten, but your dog might think there is nothing wrong with jumping on the table and eating your entire meal.

Even a properly contained, outdoor dogs need a lot of attention. If you leave him by himself and without stimulation for extended periods of time, he might decide to dig holes, bark loudly and excessively or chew on wires, ropes and hoses. Your dog might also become more aggressive. Give him lots of love and playtime to keep him happy.

Make sure that you wash your dog’s food and water bowls on a fairly regular basis. Your dog has no interest in dining from dirty bowls, nor would you. Food bowls should be cleaned on a daily basis and fresh drinking water provided.

Don’t surrender to your dog’s whims. When you first bring a dog home, you might think it’s fine to sneak them table scraps or let them chew on your shoes. This is especially the case with a very cute dog! This will prevent accidents from occurring in the future. For instance, you may give your dog your food when eating, but he will come to think they can jump on the table and steal your whole steak.

When you’re adding a puppy to your family, you need to have it around other dogs quickly so it can be more comfortable. You can do this at the groomer, a dog park, or on a group walk.

Clean your dog’s water and food bowls regularly. Just as you would hate to eat out of dirty bowls, a dog is the same. You need to wash the bowls on a daily basis.

If you decide to get a dog, think about a canine training course. A well-trained dog who responds properly to commands is a happy dog. You will be happier with him, too. While training a puppy is easier, any dog is able to be trained regardless of their age.

As discussed above, few things are as rewarding as owning a dog. When you know all you can about dogs, the rewards are even greater! With the knowledge you’ve gotten here, you are better prepared than ever to be a great dog owner. Take advantage of these suggestions and have fun being a dog owner!

What does your dog eat? Not all brands of dog food are created equal, and cost does not always imply quality. Talk to your vet about the choices available and your dog’s specific nutritional needs. Feeding the best food to your pet can be a great way to ensure a long life for your dog.

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