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Search & Rescue – Building Search | Dog Training Vlog


For more on Misia’s training & the complexities of building searches read our blog post here:

This K9 Search and Rescue training video shows some of Misia’s progress in her SAR K9 training 🐶.
Whilst our team specialises in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) or in other words – disaster search scenarios💥- we also train in a variety of settings.

This week’s training was building search, one of the most complex and difficult search scenarios for dogs to find in 🏭.
This week, Misia overcame a huge training block in her “alert” for finding. Our work on her alert has come a long way; would you believe I had to TEACH my dog to bark (a German Pointer no less)?!
While she well and truly has a solid bark now, our latest issue was around getting her to alert from scent alone. She was relying heavily on sighting the “victim” to confirm to herself that she had found, and in this training session we finally moved past that, with Misia alerting on scent alone in the two searches we completed.

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