Shindn-plexiglass-Transparent-Protective-ShieldHound-Dog-Training-ShieldAnti-Stab-and-Anti-CutDog Training 

Shindn plexiglass Transparent Protective Shield,Hound Dog Training Shield,Anti-Stab and Anti-Cut


The high-strength transparent PC board has high elastic strength, good transparency, no obstruction of sight, light weight and convenient carrying.
With a diameter of 53 cm and a large protective area, it can effectively resist dagger attacks, baton blows, and can defend against rubber bullets, pepper water, and tear gas attacks!
The transparent shield has a thickness of 4 mm and is extremely resistant to impact. After testing, it can withstand repeated rolling of 2.8 tons of small cars, intact.
The shield grip material is high-strength ABS engineering plastic, the arm strap size is adjusted by Velcro, and the EVA cushioning pad is 15 mm thick, which can effectively cushion the impact force.

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