Shooting instructor, dog trainer, pro guide, all-around good guy Tom Fiumarello



Rennaissance man Tom Fiumarello started adult life as a teacher and coach. Now he brings that insight to his shooting instruction, dog training and even guiding.
Tom’s thoughts on everything from how a dog learns to how a human can learn – to shoot better – will have you re-thinking your own ideas and applying some of his. You’ve seen him shoot, and his dogs work, on the recent Fur Feathers Friends episode of Wingshooting USA and if that doesn’t convince you he has some pretty good ideas about dog training nothing will.
As a former coach, Tom’s enthusiasm and positive attitude will rub off on you and ultimately, your dog. You’ll come away from this podcast rarin’ to go … into the field or onto the range, or to your training yard with your dog!
Plus, an upland trivia question and prize, public land access in Texas (!), and dog handling and training tips galore.