Snoopy walking on safest #science backed #dogtraining tool #prongcollar


Go back on Day 1 and see how anxious and fearful Snoopy was and that was absolutely due to the #harness he was wearing. The pet household #dogtraining #harness has little to no dog training value EXCEPT to teach your dog TO pull and cause unwanted pressure to the dog’s body with constant #negativereinforcement and #positivepunishment
This is #scientifically proven and a fact. Unfortunately many #positivedogtraining and #forcefreedogtraining trainers cannot accept this #science and will lie to the public and their own clients about the communication the harness is having through the leash in the handler’s hand. Always look for video evidence of any dog trainer that is bashing dog training tools. I am not the one saying to ban tools or that I am a “positive reinforcement ” only dog trainer. That would be a lie and a fallacy for ANY human to say. It does not exist. All dog trainers are positive reinforcement dog trainers. ALL dog trainers use ALL 4 quandrants of Learning Theory whether they like to admit it or not. It is very important to understand the quandrants as that is what the pp/ff movement is basing their tool bans off of. Beside that, I can talk #Science all day lol (It was my favorite subject at Rutgers University for my Masters Degree), Check out how awesome Snoopy is doing on his loose leash Heel command.
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