Jet-the-8-month-old-Labrador-4-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Jet the 8 month old Labrador – 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Jet the 8 month old Labrador has returned home after completing 4 weeks residential training He’s a young, lively boy who lacked any impulse control when he arrived. He would pull on the lead and become very stressed and over excited and he was very distracted by other dogs and people so could no longer be trusted off lead. Jet…

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Dog-Training-TOP-5-Advantages-Of-A-Trained-Dog Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Training: TOP 5 Advantages Of A Trained Dog

DOG TRAINING: TOP 5 ADVANTAGES OF A TRAINED DOG  In this video, we’re going to discover the Top 5 Advantages Of A Trained Dog ➡ CLICK HERE to Download a FREE EBOOK on How To Teach Your Dog a Simple but Effective Game: THE AIRPLANE GAME! ➡ Take a look at the #1 Dog Training Program available on the Internet…

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Fred-the-Cockapoo-Puppy-2-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Fred the Cockapoo Puppy – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Little Fred the Cockapoo puppy returns home today after completing a 2 week Intensive Board and Train course at Adolescent Dogs When he arrived he was noticeably very unsure of the big wide world. He whined throughout his walks and would constantly scrabble at the back of his trainers legs for support and comfort. Life was very overwhelming for Fred…

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Training-Tune-up-3-RecallCome-Dog-training-during-owner-lesson.-Timing-and-body-language-Ecollar Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Training Tune up 3-Recall/Come Dog training during owner lesson. Timing and body language Ecollar

Ask me questions at

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How-to-train-your-dog-Pit-Bull-obedience-dog-training Dog Training 

How to train your dog Pit Bull obedience dog training

How to train your dog Pit Bull obedience dog training. My #1 recommendation for dog training how to train your dog pit bull obedience dog training – how to train a dog illustration Equipment is key in how to train a dog to walk on a leash How to Teach your Dog Not to Pull on the Leash – Leash…

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Bulldog-Obedience-Training-Tips-Tricks Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Bulldog Obedience Training – Tips & Tricks

Bulldog Obedience Training – Tips & Tricks — These short English bulldog obedience tips are directed to new pet owners. It was not long ago when I was one of those who got dogs thinking that it is like TV that I can shut off whenever I get bored. What I did not realize then was dogs, just like humans,…

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Heeling-training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Heeling training

A bit of heeling training for IGP with Show line german shepherd

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