Jet-the-8-month-old-Labrador-4-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Jet the 8 month old Labrador – 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Jet the 8 month old Labrador has returned home after completing 4 weeks residential training He’s a young, lively boy who lacked any impulse control when he arrived. He would pull on the lead and become very stressed and over excited and he was very distracted by other dogs and people so could no longer be trusted off lead. Jet…

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Dog-Training-Highlands-Ranch-Dog-Training-Highlands-Ranch-Honest-Video Dog Training 

Dog Training Highlands Ranch ๐Ÿ‘‰ Dog Training Highlands Ranch Honest Video

You can discover more about “dog training highlands ranch” subject you need to check out: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Our video is presenting dog training highlands ranch subject valuable information but we also try to cover the following subjects: -dog training without treats -fix any bad dog behavior in 7 days or less -best dog trainer highlands ranch I’m about to show you…

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Rottweiler-dog-training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Rottweiler dog training

Rottweiler basic obedience dog training like sit, stay, down, rest, flat, heel walking.. etc

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Dog-Trainers-Legally-Abuse-Dogs-No-One-Cares-The-Scary-Truth-of-the-Dog-Training-Industry Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Trainers Legally Abuse Dogs & No One Cares | The Scary Truth of the Dog Training โ€œIndustryโ€


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Buki-the-15-week-old-Xoloitzcuintli-2-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Buki the 15 week old Xoloitzcuintli – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Buki the 15 week old Xolo has completed a 2.5 week residential stay Buki is a very sweet puppy who absolutely loves the fun training brings. Buki came to his trainer with the habit of barking at dogs as well as things that seemed strange in the moment. We really focused on Buki learning a new way of dealing with…

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Yogi-the-Bernese-Mountain-Dog-4-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Yogi the Bernese Mountain Dog – 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Yogi the 1 yr old Bernese Mountain dog has completed a 4 week Intensive Board and Train course at Adolescent Dogs When Yogi arrived his owners were really struggling to gain any form of control when he was on and off lead. Yogi LOVES other dogs and would charge over to any dog, bounce around them and instigate play…being 50kg…

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LZ-VLOG-5-Dog-Training-Techniques-my-Mother-taught-me Dog Training Pets & Animals 

LZ VLOG: 5 Dog Training Techniques my Mother taught me

I learned the #dogtraining principles that I use from my mother. She was quite the disciplinarian when I was growing up. Today, I’ll share some of the lessons that she taught me. You know what they say #Motherknowsbest ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Train-your-dog-at-home-like-a-pro-impulse-control-dog-training-using-positive-dog-training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Train your dog at home like a pro – impulse control dog training using positive dog training

Un caine care ia decizii singur in cele mai dificile situatii este un caine care a fost incurajat sa gandeasca. Acest exercitiu are ca scop incurajarea cainelui in a lua decizii. Este un sistem de dezvoltare al gandirii cainelui care se intinde pe mai multe parti ce vor fi prezentate in curand! Keep in touch! EN: How to teach your…

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Dog-Training-Training-a-Dog-in-Public-Place Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Training | Training a Dog in Public Place

Professional Dog trainer training a dog in a public place in India.

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Training-Tune-up-3-RecallCome-Dog-training-during-owner-lesson.-Timing-and-body-language-Ecollar Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Training Tune up 3-Recall/Come Dog training during owner lesson. Timing and body language Ecollar

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