Year-Old-Cavapoo-Teddy-Dog-Training-in-Santa-Cruz-CA Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Year Old Cavapoo | Teddy | Dog Training in Santa Cruz, CA

Cute, adorable and listens on his terms: meet year old Cavapoo Teddy. He was an excellent candidate for the 1-Week Board and Train program as he is friendly and did not have any reactivity or aggression towards other dogs or humans. He worked on heel, recall and manners during his week with us. Check out the before and after video…

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Impressive-Australian-Shepherd-Georgie-Dog-Training-in-Monterey-CA Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Impressive Australian Shepherd | Georgie | Dog Training in Monterey, CA

Eight month old Georgie was your typical Australian Shepherd – cute, smart and could be a bit naughty. Her owners sent her to training to help her understand obedience and boundaries. Check out the impressive work our trainer Megan did with this dog! Want Off Leash K9 to train your dog? Offering: 2-Week Board&Train; Puppy Training; Basic Obedience; Advanced Obedience;…

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Ollie-2-Year-old-Poodle-Best-Arkansas-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Ollie 2 Year old Poodle | Best Arkansas Dog Training

Ollie, 2 year old Poodle recently graduated from our two week board and train program! When Ollie first came to us his mom joking said I’m not sure there’s much you can do! Within days with the correct communication, Ollie was showing off and his mom was impressed! Ollie came to us because his owner is very busy, just like…

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OffLeash-SoCal-Off-Leash-Dog-Training-Koppi-German-Shepard-mix-Culver-City-CA Dog Training 

OffLeash SoCal – Off Leash Dog Training – Koppi | German Shepard mix | Culver City, CA

Koppi the German Shepard mix from Culver City, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Board & Train Program. Koppi was trained by Chris Louie in Buena Park, CA. Dog Trainer Michael Dark and OffLeash K9 Training SoCal can help you and your dog to be as amazing as the ones in our before and after videos. Contact us today! (562)…

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1Yr-Old-Poodle-Alexas-Amazing-Transformation-at-Cincinnati-Dog-Trainers-Off-Leash-K9 Dog Training Pets & Animals 

1Yr Old Poodle Alexa’s Amazing Transformation at Cincinnati Dog Trainers Off Leash K9

Want Jeff Adler and Off Leash K9 Training to train you and your dog? Dog Trainer Cincinnati Dog Trainers Cincinnati Nose Work Dog Training Cincinnati K9 Nose Work Cincinnati Nose Detection Training Cincinnati Odor Detection Training Cincinnati Nose Detection Training Cincinnati Dog Training northern Kentucky Dog Training business opportunities in Cincinnati Dog obedience Cincinnati Dog obedience Loveland ohio dog training…

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German-Shepherd-Drako-Dog-Training-in-Monterey-CA Dog Training Pets & Animals 

German Shepherd | Drako | Dog Training in Monterey, CA

Two year old Drako came to our 2-Week Board&Train as he loved to pull on the leash, not come back when called and listen when he wanted. Check out the before and after video to see his tremendous progress! Want Off Leash K9 to train your dog? Offering: 2-Week Board&Train; Puppy Training; Basic Obedience; Advanced Obedience; Dog Aggression (831) 275-7505…

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Toby-7-month-old-Golden-Retriever-Best-Arkansas-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Toby 7 month old Golden Retriever | Best Arkansas Dog Training

Toby, the 7 month old Golden Retriever came to Off Leash K9 Training for our two week board and train program. When Toby first came to us he knew very little commands, only knowing how to sit. He also pulled on the leash everywhere he went, that was his parents breaking point. The leash pulling was getting out of hand,…

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