Buki-the-15-week-old-Xoloitzcuintli-2-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Buki the 15 week old Xoloitzcuintli – 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Buki the 15 week old Xolo has completed a 2.5 week residential stay Buki is a very sweet puppy who absolutely loves the fun training brings. Buki came to his trainer with the habit of barking at dogs as well as things that seemed strange in the moment. We really focused on Buki learning a new way of dealing with…

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Yogi-the-Bernese-Mountain-Dog-4-Weeks-Residential-Dog-Training Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Yogi the Bernese Mountain Dog – 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Yogi the 1 yr old Bernese Mountain dog has completed a 4 week Intensive Board and Train course at Adolescent Dogs When Yogi arrived his owners were really struggling to gain any form of control when he was on and off lead. Yogi LOVES other dogs and would charge over to any dog, bounce around them and instigate play…being 50kg…

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How-to-Access-Your-Online-Dog-Training-Course Dog Training Pets & Animals 

How to Access Your Online Dog Training Course

You’ve enrolled in one of our online dog training courses, YAY! … Now what?! In this short video, we will walk through just how easy it is to access and navigate your course. We’ve designed this to provide maximum value while avoiding common technological headaches. Be sure to check out all of our online dog training platforms: Canine Fitness University:…

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Dog-Training-in-Chicago-Illinois Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Training in Chicago, Illinois

Dog Training in Chicago, Illinois 👇Learn Dog Training in Online Here • Why Online Dog Training Courses? Online courses are often very affordable and save you lots of time. For dog owners whose dogs are not appropriate for a class environment, online courses create great opportunities for training and learning. Comfort and flexibility of learning from your own home. Watch…

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Dog-Training-How-to-Brain-Training-Your-Dog Dog Training 

Dog Training : How to Brain Training Your Dog

How to train your dog the Easy & Effective way. High Quality Dog Training Course Featuring 21 Games To Improve A Dog’s Intelligence And Behavior, Plus Easy Instructions For Training Obedience Commands! Created By A Well Known Professional Dog Trainer.. Read More If you just like the video.. CLICK SUBSCRIBE ! Help me get this video accessible!

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Clicker-Training-Basics-How-to-Teach-Your-Dog-to-Help-with-the-Laundry Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Clicker Training Basics | How to Teach Your Dog to Help with the Laundry

This video is just a brief overview of how to clicker train your dog and the kinds of things that can be achieved with clicker training dogs. For more detailed information about clicker training, the linked blog post covers the following: 🔬 The science behind clicker training ❓ Why you should clicker train your dog 🤔What you need to start…

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