Dog Training Lily Labradoodle Day 10 Meeks Park Dog Park Downtown Blairsville GA Dog Training Pets & Animals 

Dog Training, Lily, Labradoodle, Day 10: Meeks Park, Dog Park, Downtown | Blairsville, GA

Lily is a 7-month old Labradoodle her for here 2-week board and train. Lily is on day 10 of training. In today’s video, Lily visited Meeks Park (Blairsville, GA), Union County Farmer’s Market Dog Park, and Downtown Blairsville. Lily continues to work on the 3 D’s of dog training — Distance, Duration and Distractions with all of her commands. Her…

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Walking in Single File Dog Training Dog Training 

Walking in Single File Dog Training

I have found this bit of training very helpful and needed in many occasions when walking locally around the woodlands and farmland pathways. As the path and its directionality is often eluded by trees or bushes you are not to know what is around the corner. A jogger, cyclist, family with young kids, someone whom is afraid of dogs, another…

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