Taming Wild Beast Rottweiler Dog :) Happy Cappy Training


Just call me the Beastmaster! It felt like I was able to tame a wild beast haha! Ok, ok so the dog is already well trained obviously! The key is to use the commands correctly so that the dog can obey and listen. He is a large pure bred German rottweiler. He weighs about 125lbs. His name is Captain, aka Happy Cappy. He is the cutest and sweetest rottie you could ever meet! I think of him a a small black bear. He is a gentle giant. He’s had some great dog training! Thanks to his owner and dog trainer, Steff, he is one of the most well behaved dogs you could ever meet. Captain has a good disposition and is great with kids, toddlers and other animals. He loves to do tricks for treats! Steff even teaches Captain NEW tricks! If you see Captain out for a walk, stop and say “Hi”. He loves to meet new people and he is a very friendly.

He is the best dog and fun to play with! He weighs as much as I do! Thanks to Steff for getting some good video footage of the two of us in our natural habitat. She filmed this with her Samsung phone camera. #happycappy

Happy Cappy the rottweiler dog has his own YouTube channel:
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