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The first thing we all teach our dogs, even before we realize
we’re doing any training, is that when we make a certain
specific sound, we want their attention. This “sound” is
their name.

That’s all it is, and that’s all it should be used

Many dog owners tend to think of their dog’s name as more
than that. They use it as a “catch-all” command with multiple
definitions that vary depending on what they want their dog
to do at the moment:

“Max!” (Meaning “Come here!”);
“Max!” (Meaning “Stop
that!”); “Max!” (Meaning ”
Get down!”); “Max!” (Meaning
“Stop barking!”); “Max!”
(Meaning “Don’t eat that cat poop!). You get the idea.

You’re dog may be the smartest dog in the world, but he is
not a mind reader.

You shouldn’t use your dog’s name any differently than
a child’s name. For example, if you call a child’s name,
he may acknowledge that he hears you (ifyou’re lucky),
but his likely response will be to call back, “What?”

He probably won’t even look up from the video game or whatever
else he was doing when you called his name.

You’ll need to follow up with an instruction; tell him what
you want: “Bobby! Stop playing that game and do your homework!”
(Then he may or may not do as you ask, depending on how well
he’s been trained.)

The point is, plan to use your dog’s name in the same
way-to get his attention. Period. Then use other sounds
(commands) and actions to tell or show him what you want
him to do.

Important: Even after your dog learns his name, he may continue
doing whatever he was doing when he hears you use it (just like
Bobby). Don’t get upset or impatient. And don’t repeat his

“Max‚Ķ Max!… MAX!!!”