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Animal Allies. People helping animals and animals helping people.

Series 2 episode 2

The Animal Allies team first meets the King of the Jungle, just a shadow of his former glory, laid low in Perth Zoo.

Alistair the African lion needs an operation but at 200 kilograms, this is going to be no quick trip to the vet.

The Zoo’s dedicated team of Animal Doctors makes sure they have a tranquilliser gun, an armed guard, an ambulance and “all hands on deck” for the surgery.

Man’s best friend can sometimes be man’s worst nightmare.
If your dog is constantly getting out and running wild, Animal Allies’ “How To” shows you some cheap and effective ways of keeping your pooch at home…. and keeping the peace.

We travel to Denmark where the military are marching to the aid of the European Tree Frog.

And Animal World journeys to Arizona, in the United States, where we get suited-up to face the ‘Killer Bees’.

We have all the buzz on these aggressive winged warriors and what they can teach our wary scientists.

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