Why You Should Add More Enrichment in Your Dog’s Life, and Easy Ways to Do So

Dogs are more intelligent than a lot of people give them credit for. While this is great, a Kansas City dog trainer knows that this can make caring for your pet more complex. If your dog is bored, they might be unhappy and have to find ways to keep themselves entertained.

Think of it like this, a dog has all this built-up energy that they need to use, but they don’t see their owner often because of work and other obligations. So, how are they supposed to use up that energy? Many expert dog trainers suggest adding enrichment toys to your dog’s daily routine.

At KISS Dog Training, a trusted leader for dog training in Kansas City, we want to ensure your dog is getting as much stimulation as they need. This not only keeps them happy and keeps their brains healthy for longer, but it can also prevent them from acting out in destructive ways. If a dog doesn’t have anywhere to focus their energy on, they will find a place. And that place could be your couch, your shoes, or any other valuable items.

There are easy ways to keep your dog entertained and enriched. Consider investing in enrichment-based toys or feeders; you should also try and play with your dog as much as possible.

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Why You Should Add Enrichment into Your Dog’s Daily Routine

Experts in Kansas City dog training understand that you’re busy. Going to work and other obligations makes it hard to be home as much as your dog would like you to be. But, what does your dog do when you’re not home? It’s generally believed that the majority of the time you’re gone, your pup is waiting for you. They might run around the house a few times and bark at the squirrels outside, but they’re not having as much fun as they could be.

This is where enrichment toys come in. Enrichment toys are important because they’re fun for your dog and help keep their brain active and healthier for longer.

How to Add Enrichment into Your Dog’s Life

According to a dog behavior specialist in Kansas City, adding enrichment into your dog’s life isn’t as complicated as it sounds. One of the easiest ways to do this is buying dog toys that are specifically designed for their mental stimulation. These toys can be easily found in pet stores and online. Popular choices include puzzle feeders, treat mats, and toys that squeak.

Experts on in home dog training in Kansas City also suggest teaching your dogs new tricks to keep them mentally stimulated. We don’t mean the standard obedience commands either. Setting up an obstacle course in the backyard is a great way to teach your dog new skills, have them run their energy out, and keep them mentally stimulated.

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