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Working Breed – Pet Dog Training (Recall, control & stop whistle)


This is young Sam, who has been coming to see us a few days now. He has had problems with recall & hunting for himself. He is a pet but as most working breeds do, has the instinct to do what he was designed for. So here we have been teaching him to hunt, but do it for us. All using a ball (which he loves). We have also trained lose lead walking, stop and recall whistle. These are by no means solid yet but he is doing them well. It is important to set these young dogs up to achieve. There is no point putting him in a scenario where he is going to fail. Occasionally he will get it wrong, but training as i am, I am in the perfect position to correct. He then gets it right more and more until I’m basically praising him the whole time. His lead remains on at the moment until he is really reliable. Before that happens I will start to test him in more distracting situations & ensure all these basics are solid. This will take a good few months if not longer. But training a dog is like building a house. If the foundations are not solid, at some point it will come crashing down!! #workingspaniel #petgundogtraining #petgundog

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