Helping Our Pets Everyday (HOPE) Has Become A Beacon of Hope for Pets in Their Community

Have you ever felt helpless in the face of animal suffering in your community? Have you ever wished you could do something to make a difference, but didn’t know where to start? 

If so, then you’re not alone. For many of us, our love for animals is what drives us to be better human beings. We want to help, but we’re not always sure how. 

That’s where organizations like Helping Our Pets Everyday (HOPE) come in. 

HOPE is a non-profit that has been making a real impact in the lives of animals and their human companions in their community.

Let’s take a closer look at the work of HOPE and explore how you can get involved in supporting their mission. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and join us on this journey of compassion and community.

Help HOPE CharityHelp HOPE Charity
Helping Our Pets Everyday (HOPE) Has Become A Beacon of Hope for Pets in Their Community

Who is Helping Our Pets Everyday?

Helping OurPets Everyday or HOPE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization that rescues animals in Upland, California.

HOPE is made up of a team of volunteers who are dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners. 

They work tirelessly to raise funds, coordinate events, and provide support to those in need. 

Their mission is to keep pets in loving homes and prevent them from ending up in shelters or being abandoned.

They rehome cats and dogs who deserve a second chance at life. Aside from their sanctuary, HOPE also supports several foster guardians to prepare these animals for adoption.

This charity offers veterinary care to these animals to ensure they are happy and healthy. They also provide these services to pets in the community at a relatively low price. 

HOPE also hosts different events and fundraisers to continue supporting more animals.

How Did Helping Our Pets Everyday Start?

Helping Our Pets Everyday began in 2003 when a group of people wanted to make a difference in the lives of the many dogs and cats that were being euthanized in the City of Upland.

Since then, HOPE has grown into a thriving non-profit organization with a network of volunteers, donors, and community partners who share their mission of helping pets in need.

The charity has been making a difference in the lives of homeless cats and dogs and they have rescued thousands of animals over the last two decades.

After rescuing these animals, they rehabilitate them and get them ready for adoption through socialization and medical care.

In 2005, HOPE started providing spaying and neutering for pets in their community. This was made possible through a partnership with Western University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and their VACS mobile van. 

They have since spayed and neutered over a thousand dogs and cats for Upland residents, making a significant impact on the overpopulation crisis in their community.

When the HOPE team noticed the decline in the living conditions of the dogs and cats being housed at the old Upland Shelter facility, they became the driving force behind a new shelter construction.

The new shelter officially opened in February 2010, providing a safer and better living space for animals in need.

What Does Helping Our Pets Everyday Do?

Helping Our Pets Everyday provides medical care, vaccines, and sanctuary for pets in their community. 

They are known for rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Upland, California, then rehabilitating them so they can find loving forever homes.

HOPE provides all the necessary veterinary care, such as spaying or neutering, to these animals with the help of private donations.

Sometimes, they provide additional medical care for sick, rescued dogs and cats to get them ready for adoption.

HOPE hosts adoption events at the Colonies Crossroads Shopping Center in California. The process includes an application, interview, and home visitation.

The charity also provides low prices for spaying, neutering, and other surgeries for dogs and cats. The VACS mobile vehicle provides service on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

You can find more details about their spaying and neutering services here

HOPE offers fundraising opportunities, such as SEE’S CANDIES. Check out their website and order candies to help support the dogs and cats in their care.

How You Can Help Help Our Pets Everyday

As an all-volunteer organization, they do not receive government aid or funding but instead rely on individual donations and corporate partnerships. 

Here’s how you can help them.


Donate to HOPE so they can continue doing these acts of kindness to animals. 

Donations are incredibly important to HOPE and can help support their mission of providing assistance and resources to pet owners in need. 

Your donation can go towards funding low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and emergency medical care for pets in the community.

And you can help fund events and programs that benefit pets and their owners, as well as supporting the ongoing work of their dedicated team of volunteers.

Shop on Amazon Smile

You can also shop using their link on Amazon Smile so that the organization earns money. The company donates 0.5% of the price of your purchase to HOPE. 

Adopt and Foster

Fostering and adopting are great ways to help. The organization will be happy to set up an interview with you to see if you’re eligible. 

Check out their website to see their current adoptable dogs and cats


If you have some time to spend helping animals, and you live locally, you can apply to volunteer with HOPE


The Helping Out Pets Everyday (HOPE) sponsorship program is a fantastic way to make a difference in the lives of animals in need. 

By sponsoring a pet at HOPE, you are providing crucial support for their care, including food, shelter, and medical attention. 

This sponsorship program is an opportunity to give back to the community and make a tangible impact on the lives of animals that might not otherwise receive the help they need. 

HOPE is committed to providing high-quality care and treatment for all animals in their care, and your sponsorship can help ensure that they continue to do so. 

By becoming a sponsor, you are joining a community of compassionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of animals in need.

Annual Calendar

Each year, HOPE releases a calendar for sale.

The calendar not only helps to support a worthy cause, but it also provides a great way to showcase beloved pets and share heartwarming stories of their adoption and recovery. 

By purchasing a HOPE Calendar, you are not only helping to support the organization’s mission, but you are also gaining a beautiful and inspiring reminder of the incredible bond between humans and their furry friends.

Spread the Word

Follow HOPE on social media and spread the news about their organization.

HOPE is one of the thousands of animal organizations in the country that aims to give hope to homeless, at-risk, abused, and neglected animals in the country.

Support the charity’s initiatives by donating to the organization. Your gifts will help them rescue more cats and dogs, spay and neuter them, and match them with suitable potential owners. 

Check out some other great animal charities you can help.

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