National Golden Retriever Day is Here – Unleash the Joy and Celebrate in 2023

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. 

Some say it’s because of their beautiful golden coats, while others agree it has something to do with their trainability. 

We think it’s because of their sweet and loving personality. 

People love this dog breed so much that they created a holiday just for them. 

Learn when National Golden Retriever Day is and how you can celebrate it with your Goldie.

Golden Retriever dayGolden Retriever day
National Golden Retriever Day is Here – Unleash the Joy and Celebrate in 2023

When is National Golden Retriever Day?

National Golden Retriever Day is celebrated every February 3 to honor one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. 

Golden Retrievers are our friends, family members, helpers, and life savers.

This holiday commemorates Golden Retrievers’ calm temperament, family-orientedness, and intelligence. 

It also celebrates the dog breed for being amazing disability assistance animals.

You might wonder why the organizers chose February 3 as the Golden Retriever Day. It’s the birthday of Quincey, Kristen Shroyer’s Golden Retriever. 

She founded the celebration as a tribute to these dogs. She also wanted to remember Quincey, who sadly passed away from cancer at seven years old in 2015.

Although Quincey is gone, he will forever be in our hearts. His love and light are alive as the world celebrates February 3rd for all Golden Retrievers like him.  

Kristen Shroyer of IHeartGoldenRetrievers encourages us to use #GoldenRetrieverDay on all your posts about the event. 

Each year, over a thousand Goldens go to Golden, Colorado to celebrate Golden Retriever Day. And the crowd gets bigger each year. 

The History and Origins of the Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden retrievers have a long history that dates back to the mid-19th century in Scotland.

Sir Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks was a prominent dog breeder as well as a distinguished gentleman. He was keen to breed the ideal hunting dog to help retrieve game.

In 1865, while walking with his son in Brighton, Marjoribanks encountered Nous, a wavy-coated dog, who was the only gold-colored pup in his litter.

Marjoribanks acquired Nous, and three years later, he bred Nous to Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. A liver-colored breed that is now extinct.

The breeding was successful, and in 1868, Nous and Belle had their first litter of puppies who were considered to be the first Golden Retrievers. They were named Ada, Cowslip, Crocus and Primrose.

Today, Golden Retrievers have evolved to be wonderful family dogs. Their patience and gentleness make them excellent with kids.

Characteristics of a Golden Retriever

There are around 500,000 to 750,000 registered Golden Retrievers in the USA. 

Many families love having them in households because of their tracking ability, trainability, and ability to get along well with families, kids, and other dogs.

Despite being the most popular dog breed in the world, the Golden Retriever has many distinct characteristics.

Golden Retrievers Need Plenty of Exercise

While Golden Retrievers are highly athletic, they can also be lazy if they aren’t used to being exercised.

Make sure your Golden Retriever expends their energy into positive things. Take them to a game of fetch, go hiking, or try swimming with them. A simple walk in the park also helps. 

They Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs provide comfort, attention, and assistance, making Goldies the best choice. They are fun-loving, friendly, loyal, and intelligent.

A Golden Retriever Therapy Dog is perfect in retirement homes, hospitals, and other places to provide companionship. 

They can comfort children in crisis, offer seizure alerts, and work as helpers for those with sensory disabilities. 

Golden Retrievers Have Soft Mouths

There has been a trend about taking a video of your Golden Retriever holding an egg in their mouths. These dogs can gently pick up the egg without breaking it. 

Hunters especially valued Goldies’ mouths because they could hold game like ducks without damaging them. 

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Golden Retrievers as a Family Pet

The Golden Retriever hits all the spots for the ideal family pet. They are affectionate with the family, good with kids, and friendly with other dogs. 


Their temperament is generally relaxed and friendly. A small treat or pat on the head will please them. 

This breed wants to be part of the family, so you’ll find them following you everywhere and joining gatherings. 

It’s rare to find an aggressive Golden Retriever. You’ll have no problem with them accidentally harming your kids or fighting with your other dogs.

But their gentleness comes with a downside. Although they can be police dogs, Goldies are not tough enough to protect your family. 

Goldies are not the best ‘attack’ dogs because they are too gentle in nature. However, they are often employed by law enforcement to be ‘sniffer’ dogs. 

They have some of the most sensitive noses that are often used for detection work. 

Goldies can help out law enforcement with search and rescue, drug detection, bomb detection, and tracking.

Size and Energy Levels

Beyond personality, the Golden Retriever is also perfect for families because they are medium-sized dogs that are ideal for a family pet.

Golden Retrievers males are 23 to 24 inches tall, while females are around 21 to 22 inches tall. This makes them perfect for most mid-sized family homes. 

However, they do have high energy levels, so they need to be constantly entertained and exercised. 

Getting a Golden Retriever will require you to be active. You will need to engage physically and mentally with them. 

Kids will enjoy playing outside with them for hours. Their high energy makes them the perfect playmates for playing fetch and running. 

Check out some of the best medium-sized dogs for families.


They are easy to train, walk, and play with. You can also enjoy mind puzzles and treat games with them.

This dog breed is extremely hardworking – they were bred to be hunting dogs, so they are used to having a ‘job’. 

Goldies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and provide the best training results in a short time. 

Training them young is best to make the entire process smoother and more effective.

Because they were bred to work, it is in their nature to be obedient. They can easily learn and follow commands.
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How to Celebrate National Golden Retriever Day

Here are some simple ways to celebrate National Golden Retriever Day.

Take Your Golden Retriever to the Park

Golden Retrievers are called Retrievers for a reason. They love playing fetch.

Take your pup to their favorite park and treat them with their favorite game. You can buy them new balls or a frisbee to make the game more enjoyable. 

Swim With Your Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an excellent swimmer because they were initially bred to retrieve waterfowl. 

These dogs can paddle with their feet and maneuver any body of water without drowning or losing their balance. 

Take them swimming on National Golden Retriever Day so they can enjoy their day. 

Post Your Goldie on Social Media

The founder of National Golden Retriever Day, Kristen Shroyer, encourages everyone to post their Golden Retrievers with the hashtag #GoldenRetrieverDay. 

Let the whole world know how you celebrated the holiday. Whether you swam with your dog, played tug of war, or walked them, the world deserves to know. 

Adopt a Golden Retriever

Another way to celebrate the holiday is by adopting a Golden Retriever. Many dog organizations rescue Golden Retrievers from abusive families or households that can’t help them live a good life. 

Make sure to adopt from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder. Doing so allows you to care for a dog that already needs support. 

Play Puzzles and Games

Mental puzzles and games may also sound fun for your Golden Retriever. It mentally stimulates these dog breeds and keeps them engaged.

Puzzle feeders and lick mats are great ways to play puzzles with your dog. 

You can also play the shell game, hiding a treat under one of three cups and mixing them up. Your Golden Retriever has to find which cup has the treat under. 

Play Tug of War

Playing tug of war does not teach aggression. It’s a fun game recommended by many dog trainers and animal behaviorists. It reinforces commands like sit, go-play, and let go. 

Dogs only have to wiggle and shake to get the toy. Make sure not to pull aggressively, or you’ll hurt your pup.

Unique Gifts for Golden Retriever Dog Lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for friends and family who love Golden Retrievers, here’s a few things we love:

A funny Golden Retriever t-shirt – nothing says ‘I love Goldens’ more than this cool shirt.

A Golden Retriever insulated tumbler – this tumbler is not only adorable, it’s also useful.

A guide book – if you’re planning on giving a new Golden Retriever owner a gift, here’s a guide book that will help them understand how to raise their Goldens better.

A cool Golden Retriever-themed game board – game nights are sure to be more fun with Golden-opoly!

Unique Gifts for Golden Retrievers Dogs

Your Golden Retriever will appreciate these paw-some gifts for National Golden Retriever Day.

The Pet Scenario Dog Frisbee

This doggy frisbee is made of soft yet durable rubber that your dog will love. Its smooth throws and glides make it more enjoyable to play a game of fetch with your Golden Retriever.

This pack includes two sizes: an 8.6-inch one and a 7-inch one. 

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This isn’t your regular toy ball for dogs. It’s an interactive dog toy that makes fun, giggly noises when your Golden Retriever pushes, shakes, or picks it up. 

It will engage your Goldie’s natural curiosity and instinct to play. It will keep them active, mentally stimulated, and entertained. 

KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy

This puzzle toy from the KADTC store is designed to improve your dog’s IQ levels. 

Aside from its slow feeder mechanism, it has a safe food dispenser, slide and flip design, and other puzzles to excite your Golden Retriever. 

The food dispenser is made of food-grade materials, with no phthalates, PVC, or other harmful materials. It will keep your Goldie entertained for hours.

The Golden Retriever is one of the best dog breeds you can have. They are intelligent, family-friendly, loyal, and everything you’re looking for in a dog. 

If you have one of your own, make them feel special on National Golden Retriever Day by giving them a gift or taking them on a special outing. 

Golden Retrievers are not the only breed with their own holiday. Celebrate more pet holidays here.

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