SUV Cargo Divider For Dogs – Travall Review

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Many moons ago we put together a short write up about an SUV cargo divider for dogs that we wished we had for our pups.

This was over 15 years ago and unfortunately fortunately for you, I could not find the review. Nevermind check out this gem: Pet Barrier Review!

Snap back to reality and the pups at MyDogLikes got, tested and reviewed the real thing! Check out their Travall review!

SUV Cargo Divider For DogsSUV Cargo Divider For Dogs

UPDATE: This post was originally published on MyDogLikes on December 5th, 2017. We recently updated and republished here on

We have spent quite a bit of time lately on pet vehicle safety – and with good reason.

This is a majorly overlooked aspect of pet ownership, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. What wouldn’t you do to protect the lives of your family?

Today we are very excited to be showcasing another car accessory with life saving potential – an SUV cargo divider for dogs!

Our friends at Travall are sponsoring this post so that we can help spread the word about their products!

Our dog Charlie behind a pet safety barrierOur dog Charlie behind a pet safety barrier

Introducing the Travall Divider

You may remember our recent review of the Travall Pet Barrier?

If not, this is a piece of hardware that installs above the backseat of your vehicle to keep your pets where they belong in case of an emergency.

The Travall Divider is an add-on accessory which allows you to split your cargo area into 2 separate compartments.

Just like the barrier, it is custom designed for each particular make and model of vehicle so you can be assured of a perfect fit.

Why might you need a Vehicle Divider?

There are 2 main scenarios where having this would be particularly useful for pet parents – transporting multiple animals, or transporting pets AND other gear.

Multiple Pets

We can think of several different reasons where you may want to give each pet their own personal space.

Maybe they don’t get along…or maybe they get along too well and get rambunctious in the car!

Perhaps one needs to be restricted due to a medical issue, or maybe one is in heat.

Regardless of the reason, keeping your pets separate can keep them safe and relieve some stress on you – the driver!


Those of us who regularly travel with dogs know that space is always at a premium.

Packing for a road trip with dogsPacking for a road trip with dogs

Having the entire cargo area off-limits can really make it difficult fitting everything you need in the car.

A divider allows you to safely transport items in the cargo area, without worrying about them moving around and interfering with the safety of your dogs!

Unboxing the Travall Divider

The Travall Divider comes in a flat cardboard box and besides the divider itself, contains a hardware pack and instruction set.

No tools are needed for assembly aside from the Allen wrench which is included.

Unboxing the Travall DividerUnboxing the Travall Divider

We love that the instruction sets are not generic and include pictures of the exact vehicle in which you are installing your unit! (FYI – We are demonstrating the divider in a Honda CR-V)

MyDogLikes takes an in-depth look at Travall's line of custom vehicle accessoriesMyDogLikes takes an in-depth look at Travall's line of custom vehicle accessories

The divider itself is constructed of mild steel with a heavy duty powder coating. This gives it a smooth, elegant finish which pairs well with any color interior.

Installing the Travall Divider

It only takes a couple of minutes to get the divider out of the packaging and fully installed into your vehicle.

The instructions referenced above make the process a breeze, but we wanted to highlight a few really cool design features…

Horizontal Adjustments

Below you can see where the Travall Divider engages with the Travall Barrier.

The Divider has two small nubs which lock in to a set of holes on the upper rail of the barrier, setting its location.

In the case of the Honda CR-V this gives you a roughly 2/3, 1/3 split of the cargo area.

The Travall Divider snaps into the Travall Barrier with 2 small nubsThe Travall Divider snaps into the Travall Barrier with 2 small nubs
SUV Cargo Divider For Dogs – Travall Review

Directly below this point you will find a convenient twist knob which further secures the unit in place.

Connecting the Travall Divider to the Travall BarrierConnecting the Travall Divider to the Travall Barrier

Vertical Adjustments

Next up is tightening the mounting foot which rests against the sealing.

Screw tightening ceiling mountScrew tightening ceiling mount

Lastly, you need to tighten the lower foot to really wedge the divider in place.

Note the smooth spot in the Travall Cargo Liner below as further proof to how seamlessly these products work together!

The Travall Divider secures into position with the help of two screw adjusting feetThe Travall Divider secures into position with the help of two screw adjusting feet

Overall Impression

Once installed, your unit will look like this…

Travall Divider, barrier and floor liner installed in a Honda CRVTravall Divider, barrier and floor liner installed in a Honda CRV

We were amazed at how perfectly everything fit – both within the vehicle and against one-another.

Everything feels very rigidly connected making us feel confident about how they would perform in a crash. (Click here for a bit more info on that.)

Charlie jumped right into the vehicle as usual, and did not seem at all deterred by the presence of this new divider. Great sign!

Vehicle barriers and dividers can help keep your pets safe while travelingVehicle barriers and dividers can help keep your pets safe while traveling

Finally, the divider looks great as well.

It doesn’t have the appearance of a cheap aftermarket accessory, but instead something that was made specifically for this vehicle – because it was!

Why MyDogLikes Travall’s SUV Pet Dividers

As frequent travelers, we can think of SOOO many times where this divider would have really come in handy.

Being able to stick a couple things in the back without worrying about them shifting or falling into the dogs would have been so helpful!

Even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store would be made easier – and you don’t have to worry about your pups helping themselves on the way home!

While we love them for pet parents, Travall dividers would be really great for non-dog owners as well.

Handymen with lots of tools, adventurers carrying lots of gear or anyone who simply wants a better way to organize their vehicle would all find this amazingly practical!

Want to Pick one Up for Your Vehicle?

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SUV Cargo Divider For Dogs - Travall ReviewSUV Cargo Divider For Dogs - Travall Review

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